Milk Amyloid A


Milk Amyloid A (MAA) is an Acute Phase Protein which is produced by the epithelial cells of the mammary gland

Amyloid A is one of the first proteins generated in milk following infection of the mammary gland .The concentration of MAA may increase up to 1000-fold following localised inflammation and has been shown to decline rapidly following recovery. As a result it provides a useful marker for the detection of both clinical and sub-clinical mastitis in dairy cattle.

Mastitis is a huge cost to the dairy industry in terms of lost production, damage to the udder and associated treatment costs.

Studies have shown that MAA is an accurate and reliable measure of udder health in both the individual cow and at herd level and may have particular value in the drying off period when other methods have been shown to be unreliable and when the rate of infeciton in the udder rises dramtaically with an increase in infection rate sof between 5-7times quoted by some authors.

Tridelta uniquely produces the MAA ELISA Assay kit which is designed to detect the presence of the MAA protein in milk samples.

The kit uses a simple, laboratory standard ELISA method to detect the MAA protein and a pack insert for the Tridelta MAA Assay Kit may be downloaded in PDF format from the menu to the right.

If you require any further information on the MAA assay, please contat Tridelta directly.

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