Porcine CRP

The activation of the body's immune system-mediated defence mechanisms is termed the acute phase response. Activation can occur due to infections, inflammation, tissue injury, neoplastic growth or immunological disorders. This assay is designed to detect the acute phase protein, C-Reactive protein, from the serum of pigs.

C-Reactive Protein is one of the family of acute phase proteins found in the blood of both humans and animals. Under normal conditions it is found in low levels in the blood but can increase significantly in response to inflammatory conditions, infections and other disease states where tissue necrosis occurs, and therefore provides a highly sensitive indicator for these conditions.

Tridelta Porcine CRP Products

Phase Porcine CRP Assay Kit (cat. no. TA-901)

The Tridelta "Phase"TM range porcine CRP kit is a solid phase sandwich immunoassay. Samples, including standards of known CRP content, bind to coated microwells. After washing to remove any unbound material, the HRP labeled Anti-porcine-CRP antibody is added to each well. The immobilized antibody will bind specifically to any CRP in the well. After again washing to remove any unbound material TMB substrate solution is added. The intensity of the colour produced is proportional to the concentration of CRP present in the original specimen.

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