Tridelta Attending and Supporting Wildlife Health Conference, Prague September 2018

Posted: Thursday, October 18th 2018 in Category Latest News

Tridelta once again attened the Widlife Health Conference in Prague in Spetember 2018 where there weas wide rangfing interest in the company's range of Acute phase Protein Assays and their use and value in many exotic

Tridelta Unveil New Turbidimetric Equine SAA Assay at ISACP Conference in Japan, August 2018

Posted: Thursday, October 18th 2018 in Category Latest News

Tridelta attended the ISACP Conference in Japan in August 2018 and to great interest from many of the delegates unveiled the forthcoming Turbidimetric High Throughput  Equine SAA Assay which has been developed by the company to match the performance of its Gold Standard ELISA SAA Assay and which will be available through Tridelta and Distributors shortly. Full details will be found on the website as soon as

Tridelta At ESVCP-ECVCP MIlan

Posted: Tuesday, October 7th 2014 in Category Latest News

Tridelta, in conjuction with our Italian Distributors. Euroclone, recently attended the ESVCP-ECVCP Congress in Milan.

Karen McIntyre from our Technical Staff and CEO Brian Hett, met with many delegates and had an interesting time discussing our products and the current state of the art, with many delegates expressing interest, in particular, in our new format Turbidimetric Canine CRP assay and the accompanying Free External QC Scheme. Full details may be found on the website.

Brian and Karen would like to thank Professor ......